Michele Mucci

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Audio & Sound Engineer

Michele Mucci

Originally from Milan, I relocated to Berlin, where I graduated in Sound Engineering from the Catalyst Institute. I am a full-time audio engineer with expertise in mixing, mastering, and post-production for musicians, record labels, documentaries, films, and the advertising industry. I currently manage a Mixing and Mastering studio in Berlin, collaborating with a diverse range of clients and artists locally and internationally.


Chris Baumann, Glenn Underground, Rico Casazza, Orlando Voorn, Fuera, The Analogue Cops, Alessio Collina, Marc Brauner, Christian Hansen, Sloucho, Linea Records, Alessandro Cheli, Doshka Bizer, Lo.Sai, Elliot K, Rakans, 2easy2sayno, Music is Logic is Geometry, Contraddizione, Simon Petrikov, Jogi, Giubilow, Follow da Groove, Niccolò Turini, Javonnt, Sprawl, merv, HFZ, DIJITAL, Italian Weapons, James Brucke, Heat alliance, Samuele de Santis, Sandro Pandullo, MFZ Records, Mariel Loha, The Mechanical Man, Funksonik, Sandro Sainati, Derek & DjLO, Manuold, Flaze, Francesco Sacco, Le Corse più Pazze, Casablanca, Luchino Luce, Geremia, Fonni, Pedraic, Mosi, Ha Maze, Banda Randa, Don Macello, Bar Capolinea, Moodrich, District, Seld, Esedra, Giulio Fagiolini, Brovnie, Kush, Neo Beo, Sargano, Nocui, Tiblo, Wajad, Seabrinde, Mariel, Filippo Selde, Posacenere Records, Tommaso Launaro, D’angelo, Scola, Enrico Dragoni, Watermarxxx


• Mastering for Digital and Vinyl Distribution
• Mixing
• Mixing and Mastering for the Film Industry
• Audio Services for Advertisement and Documentaries
• Studio Recording
• Voiceover Recording
• Podcast Post-Production
• Professional Consultancy in Audio Engineering


For enquires and informations about provided services and fees, please contact me at


Michele Mucci

Michele Mucci